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Why We Support Women’s Posture? 

"The true power of a woman becomes supercharged when she has the courage to stand strong in her position and align her spine with her heart." Monee' Gagliardo, RN, CEO Xirvana Brands, Inc.  


Xirvana's™   mission is to support ALL women, create products that add power to their posture and align their spine. 

Work, stress, anxiety, physical exertion and depression are all causes of slouching.  A Strong supported posture has been scientifically proven to lessen the ill effects of conditions caused by poor posture.  Xirvana™ tops are built to hug your upper back, gently pull shoulders back and offer a moderate supportive fit to get you through the day where ever it may take you.   Our leggings were developed to support the core (hips, thighs abdominal and lower back) to provide a strong foundation. 

Xirvana™ clothing was initially created for the healthcare industry to support the backs of nurses, a profession with one of highest disability rates from back injury.  Our founder, Monee’ Gagliardo worked in the trenches of healthcare for over 20 years and created Xirvana ™ while working as nurse.  She knew the physical demands of patient care and saw a need to wear support clothing under scrubs for injury protection. 

In 2015 Xirvana™  was born and the journey began to construct clothing for the healthcare insdustry.  Patents were filed, important features were added,  the best technical mateials were used with wicking ability, spf features, mesh inserts for max support and breathabililty, firm medical grade materials that gave maximum support but allowed for full range of moition, top quaility zippers, and the best sewers known in Los Angeles were employed to put this vision together.    

So What does  Xirvana™ mean?  Xirvana™ is defined to describe the personal transformation and  journey one takes to eliminate internal and external pain. The X represents the ancient symbol of transformation + Nirvana, (Xirvana™) a place with no pain.  This all starts with standing strong and maintaining a powerful posture.  A strong posture can be a challenge when unforseen forces cause slouching such as work, sadness, stress, physcial exertion, and injury.   

On May 23, 2015, the importance of posture became amplifed and the vison and core values of  Xirvana™ changed after our CEO, had a near death experience. A meeting was scheduled to finalize the production of our garments on that day but, that meeting never took place. Instead, a 911 meeting was called with nurses, doctors, fire fighters, police officers and hommicide detectives after a man ambushed Monee' from behind and brutally assaulted her with a hammer prior to her scheduled meeting.  

Diagnosed with a severe traumatic brain injury, sustaining multiple lacerations and PTSD, she was later forced to leave her profession and begin her journey of healing.  This experience became a very personal mission to continue on with the Xirvana clothing, help support woman in a postive way, and to help woman stand strong with courage in all areas of their lives.    

 Xirvana™ proudly stands behind programs that support women and girls to give them the skills required to reach their full potential and activate confidence to pursue their dreams. This all begins with standing strong and maintaining a powerful posture inside and out.    

Monee’ is now an advocate for victims of violent crime and sexual assault, healthcare and survivors of trauma. For speaking engagements and press please email info@xirvanabrand.com



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