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The Theory of Xirvana ( X = Nirvana ) how do we Solve for X?

Nirvana is a perfect place of happiness, a utopian world for the living.  It is the highest state of happiness one can achieve in this life as a human.  A magical place where no suffering exists. 

 The equation, X = Nirvana is within us all.  First, you must define the value of X in your life.  What is it that makes you happy?  For example, if running makes you feel awesome and takes you to your happy place, then X for you is Running.  Find the value of X in your life and you will find nirvana. 

 We all are in search for the value of X in our lives.  Some will find the value for X quickly and others can spend a lifetime.  The journey we take to transform our lives in finding the value of X is called Xirvana™.  How do you find Xirvana™?

 So many people are wandering this earth searching for the value of X.  The value of X exists within us all. You just need to go deep within to find it.  It’s about doing what you love that makes you feel good.   How often do you take the journey to do what you love? How do you plot your life to find Xirvana?  Enquiring minds want to know.    

 As a Brand, Xirvana ™ is about the transformation of standing tall.  Standing up for what you believe in and doing what you love.  Slouching in our society is viewed as weak.   Someone once said, “society is measured by how it treats the weak and vulnerable”.  It is our mission to support women’s posture and help them stand strong.  Standing strong leads to great confidence, and confidence leads to great success. 

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