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Running & Muscle Recovery

Give your hard-working muscles a healthy hug.

The Theory of Xirvana ( X = Nirvana ) how do we Solve for X?

Nirvana is a perfect place of happiness, a utopian world for the living.  It is the highest state of happiness one ca...

How To Develop True Confidence through Body Language

Body language is Communication without the use of spoken words. Nonverbal communication includes gestures, facial exp...

Why We Support Women!!

"The true power of a woman becomes supercharged when she has the courage to stand strong in her position and align he...

Why You Should Be Working Out In Compression Pants

Xirvana Brand pants have a high-waist band that offers extra compression for better hip, lower back and Sacroiliac (S...

Nurse Appreciation

To show our appreciation of nurses and all that they do for us, here are 3 examples of how amazing nurses really are....

Easy At-Home Mindfulness Meditation Technique

Work life, personal life, or the balance between the two...talk about stressful! While there may be moments when you ...
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