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Nurse Appreciation

To show our appreciation of nurses and all that they do for us, here are 3 examples of how amazing nurses really are. Only more reason that proves this profession is worth the long hours, stressful situations and difficult patients. 


1. Being there for each and every patient.

Nurses have the opportunity to help patients all day long, even if those patients aren't theirs. 

"I came across a patient on the ward who was crying and in severe pain. I was able to act as his advocate. For me, it was all part and parcel of my everyday role, but for this gentleman, it meant the world!" - Sarah Dawkins, senior RN and director of Dawkins Health Consultancy.


2. Providing care without judgment. 

"An RN can change a patient's entire perspective by showing them you value caring and compassion above all else." - Sara Mosher, RN and owner of Patient+Family Care.

Mosher recalls an instance when she was caring for a patient recovering from surgery. Neither the patient nor the family spoke English, and they were immigrants who had arrived in the US illegally. "You work very hard at making them feel safe so they can heal, rather than being scared that you are going to report them for deportation. You get to be a non-judgmental and supportive person. They are in your care and while they are, they will receive compassionate service no matter what."


3. Being the bright spot for a frustrated patient.

Nurses are often able to turn those negative situations with a frustrated patient into positive ones. 

"While a patient may be angry and frustrated and taking it out on you, it's not personal. Usually, they anger is coming from fear and anxiety about what they are going through." - Mosher.

For a lot of nurses, it is rewarding to be a friendly and warm presence for patients during these frustrating times. 

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