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How To Develop True Confidence through Body Language

Take note on how you are sitting or standing. Where are your arms? What is the expression on your face? Where is your posture?  Are you slouching?

 A large percentage of communication comes from your body language and this is truly how people listen and perceive you.  This can include facial expressions, gestures, and body positions. 

Women wanting to show off their confidence should practice these simple nonverbal communication moves.

Don’t fake it till you make it. Dharmesh Shah, founder of HubSpot lists these traits of truly confident people:

  • They take a stand not because they think they are always right – but because they are not afraid to be wrong.
  • They listen ten times more than they speak.
  • They duck the spotlight, so it shines on others.
  • They freely ask for help.
  • They think, “Why not me?”
  • They don’t put down other people.
  • They aren’t afraid to look silly…And they own their mistakes.
  • They only seek approval from the people who really matter

Once you learn, emulate and internalize these qualities, you can take off the mask and glow with true inner confidence!

Confidence begins with a Smile:  Smiling not only makes you more attractive and trustworthy, it also improves your health, your stress level, and your feelings about yourself. Smiling slows the heart and relaxes the body, and it releases endorphins that counteract and diminish stress hormones. It also has been shown to increase productivity while performing tasks.

Eye Contact is Important:  Make eye contact with everyone you speak to.  The pupils are a part of our body language that we practically have no control over. Eckhard Hess (1975) found that the pupil dilates when we are interested in the person we're talking to or the object we're looking at.

Stand Tall:  This gives an impression of being tall. A taller appearance creates good impression.  Hunching or slouching gives an impression of laziness and lethargy. A person won’t like to approach you to talk if you appear to be weak or lethargic. Active personality is always preferred by people. Bad standing posture also symbolizes low self-esteem. This is not a good attribute to sport while standing.

  • When women want to be assertive start by standing with feet spread farther apart. This ‘claiming of territory’ is a subconscious cue to others that the woman is feeling confident. No slouching!!
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