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Body posture of women after breast cancer treatment.

Human body posture changes in the course of ontogenesis. The changes are brought about by both internal factors (illness) and external factors (injury). The negative consequences of a medical condition such as breast cancer, together with the treatment process, undoubtedly contribute to the disturbance of body posture. In one study, after treatment of breast cancer, 82.3% of women demonstrated a faulty body posture, compared to only 35.1% of the controls. 

Xirvana is a posture clothing company.  We created our clothing for back injury prevention to the healthcare industry, a profession with one of the highest back injury rates in the United States.   What we realized through our growth was that so many women need support and strength for a multitude of reasons.  Both physically and emotionally.  Science has proven that a strong posture influences all aspects of one’s wellbeing physically, emotionally and socially.   

We were recently asked to attend a local breast cancer support group and share our clothing with post-mastectomy women.  Our Electra bra was very well received as it supported the muscles injured through mastectomy surgery.   It also has internal cutouts for breast prosthetics to be placed inside.   As a company, it is a huge success to know that you have created something that helps others. 

You can find out more about our company at www.xirvanabrand.com 


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